Statement of New York State School Boards Association Executive Director Robert Schneider on passage of the $1.9 Trillion American Rescue Plan

FOR RELEASE: March 10, 2021

School districts can look ahead with renewed confidence that they will be able to deliver for their students in the coming year and beyond, thanks to today’s passage of the American Rescue Plan. NYSSBA and its members have consistently advocated for additional stimulus funding. 

This unprecedented $1.9 trillion federal stimulus package includes an estimated $9 billion for New York’s K-12 schools. What’s more, it also provides crucial funding to support our state and local governments, beyond the austere projections the governor anticipated in his executive budget proposal. That should help to ensure that streams of regular aid will continue to flow from those sources to support schools in the aftermath of the pandemic, and it should help us avoid the "fiscal cliff" that could loom if the federal funding were used merely to replace regular state aid.  It is imperative that the new funding supplement, rather than supplant, current funding. 

We have no shortage of priorities facing us as we begin to emerge from a year of disruptions caused by the pandemic and by other stresses affecting our students and our schools.

The pandemic has heightened our understanding of many critical factors affecting our students’ education and growth, including access to digital technology and safe learning environments that also promote emotional health.

The American Recovery Plan will provide resources to help local students and their families move forward.


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