Statement of New York State School Boards Association Executive Director Robert Schneider on Gov. Hochul's 2022 State of the State Address

FOR RELEASE: January 5, 2022

NYSSBA greatly appreciates the collegial tone set by Gov. Hochul in her first State of the State address, as well as her focus on substantive proposals to overcome the key challenges faced by school districts.

We praise Gov. Hochul’s commitment to stabilizing New York’s financial partnership with school districts with a plan to fully fund Foundation Aid by the 2023-24 school year. That promise offers a critical measure of stability at a time when school districts are coping with constant waves of change and unpredictability.

In addition, we stand behind Gov. Hochul’s focus on supporting our educational workforce, especially as we navigate through the pandemic and beyond. Her pledge to help the State Education Department rebuild its professional staffing levels, particularly for teacher certification, holds much promise for easing the bottlenecks and red tape that now plague New York’s certification and preparation process.

NYSSBA shares the governor's view that providing a high quality education must include meeting the mental health needs of our students, renewing our focus on providing career and technical educational opportunities, and providing ongoing support for reliable broadband service. The state's assistance in these areas will be instrumental in helping our students achieve successful futures.

Finally, we would like to note that the emphasis Gov. Hochul is placing on striving to keep our students in school as a new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds is particularly welcome and critical at this moment.

We look forward to the governor’s further illumination of her vision and agenda when she presents her 2022-23 budget proposal later this month. NYSSBA and its members are energized by the promise of new opportunities for school districts to work in partnership with the governor, the Legislature and state education officials to provide strong and broad educational opportunities for all students.

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