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Welcome. This is a repository of materials from “The Canary in the Coal Mine or the Elephant in the Room? New York State’s Approach to Funding High Needs Schools,” a summit hosted by NYSSBA and the BOCES Educational Consortium Dec. 16, 2011, in Syracuse.  Here you’ll find the summit agenda with links to speaker presentation notes, power points and video clips, as well as sample ideas of steps you can take to gain community support and send your message to state officials. We also encourage you to share your ideas and thoughts on NYSSBA’s Facebook page at and with us at We’ll post your ideas on this web page.

Financial Sustainability of New York State’s Educational Enterprise
David Wakelyn,
Deputy Secretary for Education

Linking School District Budgeting to Higher Student Outcomes
Ken Slentz,
Deputy Commissioner of P-12 Education, NY State Education Department

Constitutional Entitlement to a Sound Basic Public Education
Michael Rebell,
Professor of Law and Education Practice and Director of the Center for Educational Equity, Columbia University

Full Group: Looking for Consensus about Strategic Priorities and Merging Solutions into an Action Plan - Summaries of the Small Group Discussions

  • Solution #1: Reallocation of State Aid
    Richard Timbs, Executive Director, Statewide School Finance Consortium
  • Solution #2: Revenue Enhancements
    David Little, Director of Governmental Relations, NYSSBA
  • Solution #3: Restructuring the Public Education System
    Tom Rogers, District Superintendent, Nassau BOCES
  • Consensus Notes

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