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Wait to craft improved teacher evaluations  (Albany Times Union)
By Timothy Kremer, NYSSBA Executive Director

You could pick from a long menu of metaphors to describe New York's dysfunctional teacher and principal evaluation system and be hard-pressed to go wrong. In consumer terms, I'd call it a lemon — and it's clear to see why it has turned out that way. The design work was rushed. The construction phase was piecemeal and fraught with disputes and delays. Any implied warranty is long expired.

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In mock trial competition, students explore school justice in the era of high-stakes tests

On Board Online • June 11, 2018

By Eric D. Randall

A teacher at Bigtown High School said she saw Carson Conners push another student in the hallway and reported that the girl loudly refused to go to the assistant principal's office. When two school resource officers arrived, Conners was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

Was this an open-and-shut case of a student violating the state's penal code? Or was it an allegation without an identified victim, and unsupported by any witness testimony, that benefited the probationary teacher by preventing a traditionally low-scoring student from participating in an upcoming district-wide assessment?

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