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Timeline - 2006 Annual Budget Vote and School Board Election

March 28 - April 3
Districts must publish first off our legal notices of budget vote and board election 45 to 49 days before the election. Publication on April 3 (43 days before vote) should also meet legal requirements this year.*

April 17
School board candidate nominating petitions due to district clerks by 5 p.m., except in small cities.

April 24
Districts must transmit "property tax report card" to the State Education Department by the end of the next business day following its approval by the school board, but not later than Saturday, April 22 or the next business day.*

April 25 - May 7
Districts must complete budget document seven days before public hearing.

May 2
Last possible day for voter registration by school district board of registration in small city school districts. For other districts, school boards may set voter registration deadline within the window of May 2-11.

May 2-9
School board must hold public hearing on the budget seven to 14 days before vote.

May 2-16
Copies of the budget must be available to the residents upon request during the 14 days before the vote and on voting day.

May 10
Deadline for mailing "budget notice."

May 16
Annual Budget Vote and School Board Election

*Pursuant to New York State General Construction Law section 25-a(1), when a legal deadline falls "on a Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday, such act may be done on the next succeeding business day and if the period ends at a specified hour, such act may be done at or before the same hour of such next succeeding business day."

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