Timeline - 2011 Budget Re-Vote

May 31 - June 7
Budget must be completed at least seven days prior to the budget hearing at which it is to be presented.

June 7
Deadline for Publication of the First of Two Required Legal Notices prior to Budget Re-Vote.

June 14
Publication of Second and Final Legal Notice Prior to Budget Re-Vote.

June 7 - 14
Public hearing to present budget 7-14 days prior to the re-vote.

June 7 - 21
Copies of the budget, together with attachments required by law, must be made available, upon request, to district residents during the fourteen days immediately preceding the re-vote (as well as at the public hearing on the re-vote, and on the day of the re-vote).  Moreover, if changes have been made to the budget that was defeated by the voters on the first vote, copies of the budget disseminated prior to a re-vote must incorporate such changes.

June 14 - 20
Last Possible Day for Voter Registration by School District Boards of Registration (7-2 days before re-vote)

June 15
Deadline for Mailing “Budget Notice” (6 days before re-vote). 

No district is compelled to hold a budget re-vote, but if it does, it must be held on the third Tuesday in June, unless the Commissioner of Education, at the request of the school district, certifies no later than March1st that such vote would conflict with religious observances, in which case the revote must be held (if at all) on the second Tuesday in June.

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