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NYSSBA supports implementation of state mental health initiative

On Board Online • April 8, 2019

By Stephen Jambor
NYSSBA Adjunct Faculty

At NYSSBA headquarters in Latham, Commissioner of Education MaryEllen Elia meets quarterly with school board members (nominated by members of the Board of Directors) to have an in-depth discussion on a single educational topic. One I will never forget took place in September 2016. The topic was student mental health. With my background as a school board member and school psychologist, I relished the intersection of two subjects I care about deeply.

In group dynamics, sometimes something is said that galvanizes the whole room.

Second Circuit rules hostile environment claims can exist under the ADA

On Board Online • April 8, 2019

By Kimberly A. Fanniff
Senior Staff Counsel

It has long been established that employers can be found in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act if an employee is subjected to a "hostile work environment" in violation of his or her rights under that law. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, with jurisdiction over New York, recently ruled that employees also can assert that a hostile work environment exists under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

In Fox v. Costco Wholesale Corporation, an employee with Tourette Syndrome brought multiple claims under the ADA and New York Human Rights Law seeking redress for alleged harassment.

Advocacy Update: Final Budget Analysis and Webinar

April 2, 2019

NYSSBA has compiled an analysis of the key points and appropriations included in and excluded from the final budget.

Join NYSSBA's Governmental Relations team on Thursday April 4th at 12:00pm to discuss this analysis and hear what is in (and out of) the 2019 State Budget and have your questions answered. Registration can be accessed below:

Advocacy Update: 2019 State Budget Details Emerge

April 1, 2019

2019 State Budget Details Emerge

Last night and into the early morning, the Houses acted upon a number of bills making up the bulk of the 2019 State Budget. Many of the proposals were not available fore review until late Sunday afternoon. Full analysis is underway, but some key components of interest to school districts include:

Statement of NYSSBA Executive Director Timothy G. Kremer on State Budget Agreement

FOR RELEASE: March 31, 2019

CONTACT: David Albert
(518) 783-3716 or (518) 320-2221 cell


The new state budget agreement includes a number of victories for school districts and students in New York’s public schools.

First, while the $618 million increase in foundation aid is below our request, it is nearly double the amount proposed by the governor and represents a strong investment in our public schools.

Advocacy Update: State Budget Deal Reached

March 31, 2019

Last night, just after midnight, Governor Cuomo and legislative leaders announced that they had come to an agreement on a final budget.

Details were scarce in the announcement, but we did learn that the final arrangement includes:

Advocacy Update: State Budget Negotiations Continue

March 30, 2019

Yesterday afternoon, Governor Andrew Cuomo held a press event to provide an update on 2019 budget negotiations in advance of the weekend. Over the course of the event, 3 issues of significant interest to NYSSBA members were discussed.  

First, the Governor indicated that his proposal to redistribute Foundation Aid among school buildings, dubbed "equity" plans, is still very much under discussion. His comments suggested that he still believes that some version of this plan will be in the final budget.  

School boards stress priorities as budget deadline nears

FOR RELEASE: March 29, 2019

CONTACT: David Albert
(518) 783-3716 or (518) 320-2221 cell


With the April 1 state budget deadline drawing near and as negotiations draw to a close, the New York State School Boards Association today stressed the importance of three budget items that local school board members believe are critically important for students in New York’s public schools.

"While lawmakers complete work on the state budget in Albany, school districts around the state are developing their own budgets. We cannot overstate the importance of sufficient and predictable state aid – and foundation aid in particular – to schools and taxpayers," said NYSSBA Executive Director Timothy G. Kremer.

Advocacy Alert: State Budget Negotiations Continue

March 27, 2019

With just over four days remaining before the start of the state fiscal year, state legislators and Governor Cuomo continue to work on the state budget. This morning, the Joint Education Subcommittee met and announced some areas of consensus in the budget bill.

The parties have agreed to allow school districts to enter into "piggyback" contracts for transportation services. This NYSSBA supported mandate relief proposal will allow districts to share services at any point in the contract of the initiating district.

In addition, the parties have agreed to changes to the schedule of building condition surveys, and have come to an agreement about operating aid for the State Education Department. The amount and purpose of that aid was not made available.

Advocacy Alert: NYSSBA Call to Action, 2019 Budget

March 19, 2019

Following the release of the Legislative budget proposals last week, the Governmental Relations team is advocating for NYSSBA's budget priorities, including:

  • Significantly increasing Foundation Aid over the Executive proposal
  • Rejection of the proposed school-based funding redistribution plan
  • Rejection of the proposed consolidation of reimbursement aids into a block grant, or "services aid"
  • Rejection of the proposed reduction in building aid reimbursement rates
  • Rejecting a permanent tax cap or any extension until common sense adjustments are made
  • Updating the BOCES District Superintendent salary cap
  • Increasing the cap on aidable BOCES CTE salaries and special services aid for non-component districts
  • Establishing a renewed period of building aid and transportation aid forgiveness
  • Authorizing the creation of a TRS reserve fund
  • Repealing the building level budget reports adopted last year, as proposed by the Senate
  • Making prekindergarten transportation aidable, as proposed by the Assembly
  • Making space for health, mental health and dental health building aid eligible, as proposed by the Assembly
  • Making school bus stop arm cameras transportation aidable, as proposed by the Senate.

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