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NYSSBA Testimony to Senate Education Committee Hearing on the Regents Reform Agenda presented by David Little


The Regents Reform Agenda: “Assessing” Our Progress

Testimony of David A. Little, Esq.
Director of Governmental Relations
New York State School Boards Association

To the
Standing Senate Committee on Education
October 1, 2013
Syracuse, New York

Chairman Flanagan and distinguished members of the committee, I am David Little. For the past 14 years I have directed governmental relations on behalf of the nearly 700 boards of education that comprise the New York State School Boards Association. Prior to that time I had the honor of serving for 17 years as counsel in both the New York State Assembly and Senate. During that time I also served for a number of years (first) as a school board member, then as a school board president. These experiences have allowed me to form a broad perspective on our current educational circumstances. Today, I would like to offer this broader contextual perspective, safe in the knowledge that much of the information you glean from these hearings will be specific and operational in nature. I would refer you particularly to the testimony presented by Nassau BOCES District Superintendent Dr. Thomas Rogers for an excellent assessment of the impact of specific current policies and approaches.

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