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March 25, 2015 




The latest reports from state budget negotiations indicate that a proposal may be under consideration that would appoint a panel to restructure APPR – and report their findings back to the legislature by June 1.

Further reports indicate that discussions are underway that would consider withholding school aid until the panel releases their report.

At this point, this is only a proposal - but it is critical that state leaders understand how this proposal would affect your school - before any action is taken.

Tell your representatives and the Governor the following:

  • You must have school aid information by April 1 to develop your budget, which is voted on in May.
  • The legislature must adopt a fully comprehensive budget that serves the needs of all New York students.
  • Stakeholders and the Board of Regents must be the key players in developing and implementing education policy.

Call your legislators and the Governor’s office and tell them why it is important that  school aid be considered separately from policy proposals

Assembly Operator 518-455-4100

Senate Operator 518-455-2800

Executive Chamber 518-474-8390

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