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Advocacy Alert: Legislative Budget Proposals

March 13, 2016

Late last night both the Assembly and the Senate released their house’s respective budget bills.

These proposals represent the next step in the process to negotiate a final state spending plan for the 2016-17 fiscal year.

Each proposal includes additional aid for education, and proposes an elimination of the Gap Elimination Adjustment. Full details on the distribution of the Senate’s aid plan are not available at this time.

There are also significant differences between the plans.

The Assembly has rejected NYSSBA opposed proposals such as the Education Tax Credit and funding for charter schools, while the Senate has included such proposals.

However, both houses made NYSSBA supported improvements to the Governor’s proposals for prekindergarten and school safety plans. In addition, both houses included funding for career and technical education, a NYSSBA priority.

Fuller information on each of the plans is available below.

NYSSBA Governmental Relations will continue to analyze the proposals as additional information becomes available and will keep you up to date as negotiations progress.

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