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Advocacy Update: 2017 Legislative Budget Proposals Released

March 14, 2017

Last night, the Assembly and Senate began to release their respective budget proposals.

The complete Assembly proposal was released slightly ahead of the Senate proposal, so more details on the Assembly's version are available at this time. An analysis of the bills will be shared as soon as it is complete.

The Assembly proposal includes:

  • $26.5 billion in school aid
    • This is an increase of $1.8 billion or 7.4 percent over the 2016-17 School Year (SY)
  • $1.4 billion Foundation Aid increase
  • $15 million in targeted aid for districts with high English language learner counts
  • Rejection of the Executive's repeal of the Foundation Aid formula
  • A proposed four-year phase in of Foundation Aid
    • This proposal would bring all school districts to at least 50 percent of their total Foundation Aid in SY 2017-18
  • Foundation Aid phase in and distribution includes updates and adjustments to better consider student need and district wealth
  • Elimination of the community schools set-aside, replacing it with the creation of a separate $150 million aid stream for community schools
  • Increase of the BOCES CTE aidable salary cap to $52,000 by 2020-21 and an increase in Special Services Aid, including 9th graders in the student count (currently begins with 10th grade)
  • 4% increase for Special Act School Districts
  • Extension of NYC Mayoral Control for 7 years
  • Requiring release of funds for struggling schools
  • Additional $50 million for 3 and 4 year old prekindergarten seats, as well as adjustments to the Executive proposal to merge UPK and PPK
  • Reforms to the tax cap including:
  • Requiring that Tax and Finance implement regulations to treat BOCES capital projects in the same manner as district capital projects under the tax cap (as agreed to in 2015)
  • Requiring that Tax and Finance include PILOT properties in the tax base growth factor (as agreed to in 2015)
  • Elimination of negative tax caps
  • Reforms to the charter school law that would increase financial oversight and provision of services to students with disabilities and English language learners

The Assembly press release can be viewed below.

Complete information on the Senate proposal has not been released. However, initial information indicates that their proposal includes the following:

  • Rejection of the Executive's repeal the Foundation Aid formula
  • An increase in Foundation Aid for all districts of a minimum 2.2%, with additional funding provided based on factors including sparsity, ELL counts, student need and district wealth
  • Flexibility around some district mandates including internal audit procedures and hiring requirements under Part 154 of Commissioner's regulations
  • Inclusion of the Education Tax Credit, now called the "Education Affordability Act"
  • Language to allow districts to receive past years' building aid and transportation aid in certain circumstances
  • A proposal to pay down some prior year claims by utilizing overpayments in state aid that would normally be reclaimed by the state general fund

Please keep communicating with your legislators about NYSSBA's budget priorities. Visit our online action center for additional information and resources.

NYSSBA's Governmental Relations team will continue to update you on these and other issues.
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