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Advocacy Update: 30 Day Executive Budget Amendments

February 16, 2018

Late Thursday night, Governor Cuomo submitted a series of amendments to the original executive budget proposal he offered in January. Commonly referred to as "30 Day Amendments," the release notably includes a number of potential changes to the state's tax system, in response to the new federal tax plan - and the cap on SALT deductions, in particular - enacted late last year. These proposals include:

  • Creation of a state-managed charitable education fund
    • Taxpayer donations to the fund would earn an 85% credit on state income taxes
    • Monies in the fund would be used to support elementary and secondary education in the state
  • Authority to create district-based local charitable education funds
    • If a district chooses to create a fund, donations to the fund would be used to support a district's general fund
    • Donations to the fund could earn a property owner up to a 95% credit against their property tax bill
  • Ability to opt-in to an employer payroll tax system
    • For employers who choose to participate, they would pay an additional payroll tax on employee compensation
    • Employees would be able to claim a credit against the tax, while employers would be able to further reduce their corporate tax liability
    • While school districts can opt-in to this plan, it could only result in added costs because districts they do not pay corporate taxes, while adding limited benefit to only some employees

In addition, the 30 Day Amendments included other proposals that could be relevant to school districts, such as:

  • A plan to prohibit convicted sex offenders from entering within one-thousand feet of a kindergarten or prekindergarten facility
  • Broadening of the Child Victims Act proposal to include entities (such as municipalities and school districts), not only individuals, amongst those who can be held civilly liable for offenses

NYSSBA's Governmental Relations team will continue to review these, and other, budget proposals and will keep you informed of any additional developments.

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