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Advocacy Update: 2019 State Budget Details Emerge

April 1, 2019

2019 State Budget Details Emerge

Last night and into the early morning, the Houses acted upon a number of bills making up the bulk of the 2019 State Budget. Many of the proposals were not available fore review until late Sunday afternoon. Full analysis is underway, but some key components of interest to school districts include:

  • $961 million School Aid increase
    • $618 million Foundation Aid increase
    • $342 in  Expense-based aids
  • A variation on the Executive's proposal to implement a Foundation Aid redistribution or "equity" plan. Districts with like schools that are identified by DOB as high need and underfunded (5% below district average) will be required to file a report with SED by September 1 each year to identify how they will "effectuate prioritizing equity" for those schools.
  • Making the Tax Cap permanent.
  • Rejecting the proposal to consolidate expense-based aids (ie. services aid) into a block grant that would result in less aid for most districts.
  • Rejecting a proposal to reduce building aid reimbursements.
  • Making changes to APPR to eliminate the mandate to use state assessments in APPR and requiring that districts collectively bargain what assessment will be used.
    • This is the same language that was approved by the legislature earlier this year.
  • Increasing the BOCES DS Cap for the first time since 2003.
  • Authorizing districts and BOCES to establish TRS reserve funds.
  • Authorizing SUNY schools to partner with high schools to offer no or reduced cost tuition and fees to dually enrolled students.
  • Authorizing "piggy-back" transportation contracts.
  • Authorizing a three-year extension of NYC mayoral control.
  • Staggering building condition surveys.
  • Rejecting the proposed requirement to mandate seat belt use on school buses.
  • Requiring that all employers provide all employees with three hours of paid leave to vote.

Full analysis of the bills is underway. NYSSBA will share further information as it is available.

Final state aid runs, as well as NYSSBA's statement on the 2019 budget agreement can be viewed below.

NYSSBA Budget Webinar

Join NYSSBA's Governmental Relations team on Thursday April 4th at 12:00pm to hear what is in (and out of) the 2019 State Budget and have your questions answered. Registration can be accessed below:

Advocacy Day - Schools' Choice as Polling Places

NYSSBA members have continued to raise concerns about the use of school district buildings as polling places and wish to have the right to decline that designation. Legislation has been introduced that would allow districts to decline use of their buildings for voting in state, federal and local elections. This bill (A.4743, Galef) would also allow districts to move school district elections to a building other than a school building.

NYSSBA is planning an advocacy day on Tuesday, April 30th to promote this important legislation. If your district would be interested in participating in this event, please contact Belinda Heckler at 518-783-3742 or  

​NYSSBA's Governmental Relations team will continue to report on these and other issues. For more information, visit our Key Issues Page.

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