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Governor's Office Provides Additional Information on Budget Revote

June 11, 2020

Yesterday, Governor Cuomo issued Executive Order 202.40 to affirm the ability of a school district to seek a budget revote, should their 2020-21 budget proposal be defeated next week. While the Executive Order effectively promised the opportunity for a revote, it provided little detail on the date or process of the revote, stating that such decisions would be subject to a future Executive Order.

Following the release of the Executive Order, NYSSBA and our fellow education advocates received a letter from Elizabeth Garvey, Special Counsel to the Governor and Senior Advisor, providing additional context to the order. Ms. Garvey acknowledged the difficult position school districts have faced with the budget vote and noted the importance of the option for a revote for districts that might find it necessary.

She further notes that the Governor is evaluating either July 21 or July 28 as a revote date and that they are reviewing the possibility of in-person voting. The letter ends by stating that they expect to have further information to provide shortly after the conclusion of the initial budget vote next week. You can view the entirety of the letter, as well as Executive Order 202.40, below.

NYSSBA is pleased that the Governor's office has committed to the ability of districts to pursue a revote, if necessary. We continue to advocate strongly for a revote process that is workable for districts, permitting safe in-person voting and absentee ballots approved for COVID-related reasons, upon application. The requirement to send absentee ballots to all voters for the initial budget vote has been very expensive and incredibly difficult to manage. For the revote process, it would be inappropriate and unnecessary to provide the same requirements, as few, if any districts, would be able to make use of such a process.

NYSSBA's Governmental Relations team will continue to report on these and other issues.  For more information, visit our Key Issues Page.

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