As amended October 29, 2005

Each board may send one member to the annual and special business meetings of the Association as the official voting delegate. Member boards also may designate one additional member to serve as an alternate delegate. The alternate delegate shall assume the duties of the official delegate if the official delegate is unable to fulfill any of the functions of said position. Others shall be permitted to speak only at the discretion of the presiding officer, in accordance with the Rules of Conduct for the annual or special business meeting.

Voting delegates who attend only the Annual Business Meeting during the Associationís Annual Convention shall not be required to pay the applicable convention registration fee.

Any major issues needing member input other than the election of officers or Bylaw amendments may be submitted by the president and board of directors to the members. The vote thereon may be taken by mail or electronic vote. Ballots for said vote shall be prepared and sent to all members, and returned to the executive director on or before the day specified for their return. Ballots shall be opened and counted by the executive director and one board member of the Association designated by the president for such purpose, at noon on the day following the last day for receiving ballots. The result shall be reported to the president. The majority of the votes received on any question shall determine the result.

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