As amended October 29, 2016

  1. There shall be:
    1. An Executive Committee of the board of directors, consisting of not more than eight members of the board of directors established annually by the board at the last meeting of the year of the board. Terms of office for the Executive Committee shall begin on January 1 following the meeting in which such members are chosen and shall continue for one year. The composition of the committee shall be as set forth in board policy. The committee shall have such powers as may be specifically delegated to it by the Board consistent with this paragraph of these Bylaws and the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law. The Board may vest the committee with the authority to:
        1. Approve the Association’s participation as amicus in cases of statewide interest to NYSSBA’s membership, upon its own initiative or when requested to do so by a member board.
        2. Approve the commencement of litigation on matters of statewide importance in court or before administrative agencies, either upon its own initiative or when requested to do so by any member board, except that lawsuits initiated to collect monies or fees owed to the Association may be authorized by the executive director.
        3. Review matters that are brought to it by the executive director and to act upon such matters as appropriate, except that the committee shall not have the authority to alter or amend any policy established by the Board of Directors.
      A majority of the total membership of the committee shall constitute a quorum. Any action taken shall require a majority of the full membership of the committee. It shall meet upon the call of the chair or upon the written request of three members of the committee addressed to the executive director. Such written request shall state the purpose(s) of the meeting and, upon its receipt, the executive director shall issue the call for the meeting. The notices of all meetings shall be sent so as to reach the members of the committee at least five days prior to the proposed meeting.
    2. A Resolutions Committee, consisting of one school board member from each Association area, and one member from one of the five large city school boards, appointed by the president at the first meeting of the newly elected board of directors subject to confirmation by the board. The committee shall review, but may not amend, resolutions and bylaw amendments submitted to it by any member board or the Board of Directors.

      Proposed resolutions or bylaw amendments must reach the Association office before the close of business on a date set annually by the Association. Such due date shall not be later than August 1 or on the Monday following August 1 if this date falls on a Saturday or a Sunday. Each resolution shall consist of a single "resolved" clause without "whereas" clauses, and shall address only one subject. A brief rationale statement may be included with each resolution or proposed Bylaw amendment.

      The Resolutions Committee shall present a report of its recommendations to NYSSBA membership in a printed document for action at the annual business meeting. A resolution adopted at an annual meeting shall remain in effect and shall be part of NYSSBA’s active program for five years, unless sooner rescinded, reaffirmed, implemented or enacted.

    3. Other committees as the Board of Directors determines; the members of such committees to be appointed by the president, subject to confirmation by the Board of Directors; and such committees shall report at such times and at such places as the Board of Directors may determine.

  2. At the request of the President, any committee appointed by the Board of Directors may meet by means of a telephone conference or similar communication permitted by the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law. Notice of such meeting shall be given to members of the committee at least 24 hours prior to such meeting.

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