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State-Mandated Training

New York State law requires newly-elected school board members to take mandatory training within their first year of service. This training requires topics on the essentials of school board governance and a minimum of six hours in fiscal oversight, accountability and fiduciary responsibilities of a school board member. NYSSBA offers two training options for your convenience:

Fulfill your state-mandated requirements through a live virtual academy via computer, tablet or mobile device.

  • Fiscal Oversight Fundamentals: Friday, November 12 and Saturday, November 13  9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
  • Essentials of School Board Governance: Saturday, November 20  9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Attendance at both dates is required and must be taken consecutively to complete the course.


  • Get training in your region
  • Interact with presenters
  • Hear what other new members have encountered in their first year
  • Network with your peers
$255 one-day, $440 two-day (Members)
$510 one-day, $880 two-day (Nonmembers)

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  • Bring your training home
  • Complete your training when it’s convenient for you
  • Find helpful resources at your fingertips
  • Receive personalized support

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Complete your training at our New School Board Member Academy. During this two-day workshop, typically held on a Friday and Saturday, fulfill your training requirements, network with other board members, participate in discussions and ask questions about the roles of school board members. 

  • Day 1: Essentials of School Board Governance - On your first day of training, you will be led through an in-depth look at school board governance. You will learn about the purpose of school boards, how to navigate board meetings and how data supports good decision-making and student accountability. You’ll also learn the legal do’s and don’ts for school boards.

    Review the workshop agenda for details about each session.
  • Day 2: Fiscal Oversight Fundamentals - On your second day of training, the discussion will focus on the financial oversight and fiduciary responsibilities of school boards. You will learn how to assess and promote fiscal fitness of the district and how to protect your district’s resources. The  training will also cover fiscal planning and budget development.

    See the workshop agenda to learn more about the sessions you will be attending.

$255 one-day, $440 two-day (Members)
$510 one-day, $880 two-day (Nonmembers)


Special Offer for Veteran Board Members

Are you interested in a refresher course to brush up on your fiscal and governance responsibilities?

School board members who were elected in 2020 or earlier and who have already completed state mandated training through NYSSBA, are eligible to register for NYSSBA’s New School Board Member Academy at a 50% discount*.

Just choose the date and location that is most convenient for you.

Eligibility Requirements*
If you were elected /appointed in 2020 or earlier, you must have already taken state-mandated training to be eligible for the special offer.

This special offer does not apply to state-mandated online training courses. Offer Valid through 11/19/21.


NYSSBA’s eLearning is an interactive experience that enables school board members to complete the New York State mandated training requirements online via a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. 

The dynamic, facilitated learning modules feature required activities, presentations, assessments, and supplemental reading customized for New York State school board members.  A printable Certificate of Completion is available upon successful completion of each course. 

Get the most out of your training and register early to have full access to the course resources for your entire first year of service. Enrollment is open year-round and you can enroll immediately following district elections, even before you’ve taken office.

Courses Offered: (Successful completion of both courses is required to satisfy the training mandate.)

  • Essentials of School Board Governance - The objective of this course is to provide newly elected school board members with the fundamental knowledge necessary to meet their legal obligations as an elected school board member. Topics in the course include the board’s role in student achievement, the dynamics of the board-superintendent relationship, the process of developing and using policy, key legal parameters such as the Open Meetings Law and the use of data to make decisions.
  • Fiscal Oversight Fundamentals - This course explores a school board member’s financial responsibilities. The course explains the basics of financial oversight including the roles, responsibilities and qualifications of key district finance officials in safeguarding, using, and accounting for district resources. The course provides specific details on where a school district’s funds come from and how those funds can be spent. The course also covers the elements of financial reports, the process of preparing a budget, common types of fraud and policy actions the board can enact protect resources. 


Members:               $130 per course
Nonmembers:       $260 per course

Getting Started: Payment (district-authorized purchase order number) is required to start the registration process.

NYSSBA Members click here

NYSSBA Nonmembers click here

Login credentials and instructions will follow via an email.

Please Note:  Access to your courses expires and the courses are closed at the end of your first year of service. No extensions are allowed.   Incomplete grades are reported to the school district.  Re-enrollment requires payment of another enrollment fee(s), permission from your school board, and a current purchase order.  Any work completed in your previously-enrolled course is NOT transferred into the new course.

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