Training Opportunities

NYSSBA offers a variety of leadership development opportunities, both in person and online, to meet your leadership teams developmental needs.

Annual Convention & Education Expo
This October event is the largest statewide gathering of public education leaders in New York, with national speakers, 100+ educational sessions and the state’s largest exhibition of educational products and services.

State Mandated Training
School board members may complete your state-mandated governance and fiscal oversight training at a two-day in person event offered in locations around the state, via a live virtual training or in a self-paced online course. Gain foundational knowledge and skills. Become familiar with board roles and responsibilities, policies and procedures, legal rights and more.

Board Officers Academy
Current and aspiring school board officers can elevate your expertise in school board governance and leading the governance team. Get cutting-edge information and top-level skills development, gain familiarity with key issues and network with other board officers and officer candidates.

Capital Conference
Every February, join NYSSBA as we help you prepare to advocate on behalf of your students. Meet with legislators and other state policymakers before budget proposals are finalized and gain perspective on legislative and budget priorities.

Custom Board Retreats
Tailored to meet the specific needs of a board or full governance team, CBRs are on-site programs that can help set goals, improve specific knowledge or skills, resolve a conflict or strengthen a governance team. CBRs are scheduled for your board’s convenience – let NYSSBA come to you.

District Clerk Workshops
NYSSBA provides workshops specifically for district clerks on key topics such as the Open Meetings Law, parliamentary procedures, records retention, paperless board meetings and much more.

Law Conferences
NYSSBA’s Legal and Policy Department offers seminars and workshops, including regional law conferences and the annual Pre-Convention School Law seminar, on legal topics that affect school board members, administrators, superintendents, school attorneys and others.

Policy Workshops
Each year, NYSSBA's Policy Services hosts a seminar focused on key topics in educational policy. The event allows you to connect with NYSSBA's Policy professionals and your peers to focus on the policies you need to meet the challenges in your district.

Superintendent Evaluation Workshops
NYSSBA's Leadership Development team answers your questions and provides best practices for a superintendent evaluation process that is fair and unbiased. This workshop provides an overview of the standards of superintendent performance, the importance of establishing superintendent goals, and ensuring reliance on evidence-based data to rate performance. Learn how the evaluation process can strengthen your governance team and improve your district!

Recognition Program
NYSSBA’s Recognition Program acknowledges the extensive time and effort school board members spend in attending special training to expand your knowledge and skills with a special rewards program.  

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