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School Aid Specialists (SAS) is a statewide consulting firm that specializes in maximizing state aid and other revenues for school districts.  SAS offers a range of services tailored to specific district needs – from a comprehensive service package to a risk free fee model for revenue recoveries.  And if no money is found, there are no fees.

The SAS team has served hundreds of school districts, rural, urban, and suburban, recovering millions of dollars annually on behalf of New York State School districts.  SAS consultants are aware of the special nuances in regulations that could substantially increase revenue based on current law.  In these fiscally challenging times, choosing the skills of independent advisors could be the most efficient and time-saving way to address school district needs.

With over 60 years of combined experience serving hundreds of school districts, SAS recovers significant funds annually on behalf of school districts.

School Aid Specialists also offer:

Management & Fiscal Services

  • State Aid Maximization:  special education, transportation, instructional materials, building aid and foundation aid
  • Professional Development:  Training of district staff in data collection and claiming procedures, special education funding, basics of state aid maximization
  • Medicaid reimbursement claiming and cost reconciliation
  • Completion of all state reports and forms relating to state aid
  • State aid audit/disallowance review
  • Non-resident and foster care tuition billing and expenditures
  • Telephone help-line assistance
  • Tax cap assistance

Building Aid & Construction Services

  • Full service through the entire project including state aid and tax impact analysis, submission of all state required reports, review of plans and specifications an all financial reports to maximize aid over the life of the project.
  • Building aid review of current projects to increase aid over the life of the project.

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