School Boards Association updates school budget results

FOR RELEASE: June 18, 2020

An updated analysis of school budget votes by the New York State School Boards Association finds that 98.7% of school district budgets were approved by voters on Tuesday.

The analysis, which includes results for 667 of the 675 districts across the state that hold public budget votes, found that voters passed 658 school district budgets. The number of budgets defeated was nine. 

Districts that proposed budgets that stayed within their tax levy caps – and thus needed only a simple majority to pass – had a passage rate of 99.2%. Thirteen districts proposed tax levies that exceeded their caps and required a 60% supermajority for passage. Nine of those budgets were approved for a passage rate of 69.2%. 

In school districts where the budget failed to pass, a second vote may be held no earlier than July 9. However, the governor has not yet issued an executive order providing the details and exact date of the revote. 

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