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Coping with Economic Fallout from the Coronavirus



The economic fallout from the Great Recession following the 2008 stock market crash could offer lessons for how school board members can cope with the financial challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic.

NYSSBA’s new research report describes how schools navigated the financial trauma caused by reduced state aid during the Great Recession.

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Stand Up and Be Counted



The 2020 Census has significant implications for public schools. A new NYSSBA report, titled “Stand Up and Be Counted,” details why an accurate census count is critical to school funding and explores challenges involved in reaching hard-to-count populations. It also offers suggestions for how school board members in New York can help ensure an accurate count in their communities.

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Armed security, school resource officers…What’s right for your district?



To have or not have armed security? That’s a hotly contested topic and the research shows mixed results. Read NYSSBA’s latest report on the pros and cons of armed security in schools.

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Create a bully-free environment at your school

CoverBullying is a pervasive problem especially in schools. NYSSBA’s new report offers school board members and school administrators insight into why students bully, the effects of bullying and what pedagogical tools and professional development opportunities can help eradicate bullying and foster kindness.

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Finding substitute teachers a challenge for New York school districts

CoverSchools rely on substitutes to fill in when regular teachers are out of the classroom. Nearly 96% of superintendents reported difficulty finding substitutes, according to a June 2019 NYSSBA survey. This presents a serious challenge for school boards and administrators. When a substitute teacher lacks a strong command of the subject matter, or when no substitute can be found at all, student learning is disrupted. Learn about the factors involved in finding subs and what school districts are doing to alleviate the problem.

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High Schools Adjust Strategies to Meet Higher Education’s Growing Challenges

CoverDeclining enrollment, low graduation rates and financial problems are plaguing many of today’s higher education institutions. This research report offers best practices to ensure that high school students experience a smooth transition to the next phase of their learning.


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School districts struggle to find English language learner instructors

CoverSchool districts in New York are struggling to find teachers for English language learners, due to increased numbers of English language learners and recent changes in state regulations. According to a NYSSBA survey, 52% of superintendents with non-native English speakers in their schools reported having difficulty over the past year recruiting and hiring teachers specifically trained to instruct those students. This report explores the challenges schools face and offers some practical solutions.


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We Hold These Tweets to Be Self-Evident


By using social media, storytelling and the arts to convey messages about social justice and civic duty, students are bypassing more traditional routes to civic participation and capitalizing on their ability to reach a global audience via one click. NYSSBA’s latest report, We Hold These Tweets to Be Self-Evident, illustrates how teens are navigating this new type of civic engagement and how schools may just need to play a little catch up.

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Yellow Buses, Red Flags


Many school districts have a hard time recruiting and retaining school bus drivers, and the problem appears to be growing. More than eight in 10 school transportation directors consider driver shortage either their "number one" problem/concern or a "major" problem/concern. NYSSBA’s latest research report explores the shortage of school bus drivers in New York, the factors involved and what school leaders can do to combat the problem.



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Of Sound Mind: Do schools have enough mental health support staff to meet student need?

CoverThis report, a collaborative effort between the New York State School Boards Association and the New York Association of School Psychologists, examines whether there are enough qualified school psychologists in New York State to meet student need. It also explores regional disparities and offers recommendations for school leaders and state policymakers to address these challenges.

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