Policy Services

Policy is a set of broad written guidelines created by the board of education to chart your school district’s course of action. Policy is your school board’s single most important function.

Your board policy can also help you address equity in your district. As part of its ongoing commitment to equity, NYSSBA has created the following sample policy materials on Equity, Inclusivity, and Diversity in Education for school districts, available at no charge:

For additional guidance and support, NYSSBA can help your district develop policies that promote effective governance, efficient administration and educational excellence – with these four policy offerings:

NYSSBA also provides these resources:

In addition, your NYSSBA membership gives you the following at no charge:

NYSSBA Policy Services are provided to you by expert consultants with more than 35 years’ combined experience. For more information, contact our NYSSBA Policy Services Team at 800.342.3360 or via email at policy@nyssba.org.

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