Policy Offerings

Policy by Design
NYSSBA now offers a policy service that allows you to design your own package to suit your district’s needs.  Here are examples of what we can do for you: 

  • Review and update a particular section of the manual
  • Complete a compliance review of the full manual to ensure it meets legal requirements
  • Re-number the manual to conform to NYSSBA’s codification system
  • Carry out a topical review to ensure your district’s code of conduct is up-to-date, complies with the Dignity Act and contains all the required components
  • And more – we will work with you to match your policy needs!

MEMBER RATE: Determined by the scope of the project

The Essential Policy Manual
An expert NYSSBA policy consultant will work with your district to develop a concise policy manual tailored to reflect your board’s goals and priorities.  NYSSBA will:

  • Review your district’s existing policy materials
  • Meet with your district’s governance team
  • Prepare a draft with required policies, NYSSBA-recommended policies and local policies

Your new Essential Policy Manual will be streamlined, up-to-date, well organized and customized to your district’s specific needs.
MEMBER RATE: $10,000 (payable over two budget years)

E-Policy Platforms
Convert your paper manual into an online format that can be instantly accessed and easily maintained. Online policy manuals are accessible anytime, secured on off-site servers and can be hyperlinked to legal citations and cross-referenced policies.

BoardDocs PL + Policy Services NEW
This service provides a platform for hosting policy manuals online. Subscription includes ongoing maintenance.
Member Rate: $2,350 annually. $850 one-time set-up fee.

BoardDocs Pro or LT + Policy Services NEW
Maximize a new or an existing BoardDocs subscription by adding NYSSBA's Policy Services. Includes migration and ongoing maintenance.
Member Rate: $850 annually. $850 one-time set-up fee.

Subscription includes ongoing maintenance.
Member Rate: $2,350 annually. $850 one-time set-up fee.

Policy Update
NYSSBA will help keep your policy manual up-to-date with the latest policies, regulations and exhibits.  NYSSBA will:

  • Email new and/or revised policies quarterly
  • Advise your district on policy issues as they emerge
  • Review district-initiated draft policies as requested and provide edits and comments, as appropriate

NYSSBA monitors key changes in law and regulations – at both the state and federal level – that impact policy.  Save your district time and money and keep your policy manual current with Policy Update.
MEMBER RATE: $900 annually

The Complete Policy Package
NYSSBA offers all three of our essential policy services at a special package price – offering significant savings – to your district.  You’ll receive:

  • The Essential Policy Manual
  • E-Policy
  • Policy Update (during the course of the project)

MEMBER RATE: $13,000
NYSSBA will help keep your district in compliance with new federal and state laws or regulations through this comprehensive package.

Choose your policy service today!
Contact one of our NYSSBA Policy Team Members via email or call 800.342.3360.
Jessica Goldstein, Deputy Director of Policy Services
Courtney Sanik, Senior Policy Consultant
Mary Williams, Policy Consultant
Stephanie Combs, Associate Policy Consultant

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