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Statement of NYSSBA Executive Director Robert Schneider on School Budget Votes and Board Elections

FOR RELEASE: May 1, 2020

CONTACT: David Albert
(518) 320-2221 cell


School budget votes and board elections will be conducted this year under challenging circumstances, to say the least. With the July 1 beginning of the school fiscal year approaching for many districts, we had hoped for clarity on these issues weeks ago. 

That said, we can now move forward. There are many logistical issues involved in conducting school budget votes – from finalizing school budgets themselves to providing notice and absentee ballots to the public. There will be many obstacles to conducting these elections in a manner that is safe for the school district staff who must work with the absentee ballots, as well as the general public. Toward that end, NYSSBA stands ready to serve as a resource to our member districts as they work through the school budget vote and board election process put in place by the governor.

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Governor Announces Rule Changes for the 2020 School Board Elections and Budget Vote

On Friday, May 1, 2020, Governor Andrew Cuomo issued Executive Order No. 202.26 which modifies the rules under which school districts are to conduct the 2020 annual meeting for the election of school board members and budget votes.

Below are a summary of the changes and a revised election timeline based on the modified rules.  NYSSBA will offer additional analysis with helpful suggestions early next week.


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Digital divide = Equity issue

On Board Online • May 18, 2020

By Paul Heiser
Senior Research Analyst

As is the case in many school districts, not all students in the Peru school district have access to the internet at home. So when the governor ordered schools across the state to close because of the coronavirus pandemic, offcials in the Clinton County school district had to figure out a way to make sure all students had broadband access.

"We used our essential staff and made calls to the home of every student to see what their technology capabilities were in their homes," Peru Superintendent Thomas Palmer told On Board.

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